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Published Articles Example Survey Products
Proposed: an ALTA/ACSM Record of Survey; P.O.B., December, 2003 Corner Record
Is Responsible Charge Apportionable? Professional Surveyor, March 2007 Easement
The Need For Dual Stamped Maps; California Surveyor, Summer, 2006 Lot Line Adjustment
When Good Intentions Fail; Professional Surveyor, August, 2002 Record of Survey 1
In Favor of Multiple Stamps; P.O.B., October, 2006 Record of Survey 2
Creating a National Standard Record of Survey; Surveying & Land Information Science (ACSM), June, 2003 Parcel Map
What to Look for When Examining a Survey Map; Probate & Property, September, 2004 Parcel Map
  Tentative Parcel Map
  Topographic Survey