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Notable Projects

R/W Engineering - Caltrans SurveysBay Area, California
Project Surveyor for numerous freeway projects around the Bay Area, from new interchanges to route widening, to new route location. An example being the widening of Route 84 (Isabel Avenue) in Livermore, running south from I-580. This Project Study Report, with a survey budget of $800K, involved resurrecting 4 miles of R/W and resolving over 60 parcels needing takes or TCEs. Lee performed all the resolutions and drafted the Hard Copy, Appraisal, and R/W Record maps.

Port of Oakland ALTA SurveyOakland, California
Project Surveyor for a large ALTA survey of the Oakland Army Base at the Port of Oakland, a 350-acre, 34-parcel, $175,000 ALTA survey incorporating color orthophotography and involving extensive research and analysis.

500-Parcel Parcel MapPalmdale, California
Resolved street R/W and boundaries for a Parcel Map and a Record of Survey on a 500-parcel, 17,000-acre site owned by the Los Angeles World Airports Agency.

South Extension, Sacramento Light RailSacramento, California
Project Surveyor for R/W engineering and surveying services for this 7-mile extension of light rail for the Sacramento Regional Transit District. Directed 4 crews for topo and land net monument surveys. Performed all research, analysis, calculations, and CAD work for numerous take areas for new station sites.

VTA Guadalupe Corridor, Segment 2San Jose, California
Full-time consulting surveyor working in the VTA survey office for 18 months. Prepared all three phases of mapping for Segment 2 including Hard Copy Maps, R/W Record Maps, and Joint Use Agreement Maps. Wrote the legal descriptions and prepared exhibit drawings for takes and partial takes.

Private Parcel SurveysNorthern California
Lee has filed over 200 maps in various Counties all over California, including Record of Survey maps and Corner Records (for new fences or just to locate boundaries), and Parcel Maps and Tract Maps to divide property. He excels at ALTA Surveys, Lot Line Adjustments, Condominium Surveys, Topographic Surveys and the preparation of legal descriptions and research.

Boundary Conflict Resolution SurveysNorthern California
A typical example is a small residential parcel in downtown Marysville where it was discovered that 3 adjoining parcels had legal descriptions that conflicted with each other, causing one hiatus and two overlaps. Five hours of “Chain of Title” research in the Yuba County Recorder’s Office finally produced the creation deeds for each of the 4 parcels, thus clarifying the conflicts. A Record of Survey documenting the issues was filed for the client in the Summer of 2010.

Accident Site SurveysNorthern California
Project Surveyor for 6 accident site surveys for the Ford Motor Company. Directed crews for topo surveys. Performed analysis, calculations and computer drafting for forensic exhibit drawings.

Bridge Replacement Design Level SurveysSacramento Valley, California
Project Surveyor for topographic surveys of 3 different bridge sites for Placer County, one of which required a Record of Survey to document the monumentation of a section corner on a township line. Bridge replacement survey for the City of Sacramento for the Norwood Avenue Bridge.

250-Lot Tract MapEl Dorado Hills, California
Responsible for research, calculations, direction of survey crews, analysis and drafting on a 250-lot tract map.

Condominium Conversion SurveysSan Francisco, California
Project Surveyor for 10+ condominium surveys. Party chief for field work, performed research, calculations and analysis as well as all CAD work for these conversion projects.